Strapless N95 Respirator
for Emergency Preparedness

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The NIOSH approved N95 strapless face mask

Firemen Emergency Preparedness

The NIOSH-approved N95 Mask- with a BIG PURPOSE

The Alliant Biotech NIOSH-approved strapless N95 Level 2 FFR is an innovative mask technology ideal for everyday use, emergencies, and disasters. 

The Strapless N95 Respirator was invented after 9/11 out of a necessity for a face mask that would protect first responders in environments with heavy dust and smoke. It quickly attained NIOSH approval and EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). What became of the original concept is now a favorite among individuals looking for a Strapless N95 mask that could replace uncomfortable traditional N95 masks.

The N95 Strapless mask utilizes a special air-purifying medical filter and a hypoallergenic medical adhesive at the perimeter of the mask that filters more than 95% of particles, offering protection from harmful bacteria, viruses, debris, aerosols, pollution, smoke particles, and highly infectious diseases such as Coronavirus making this the best n95 mask for covid.

This Strapless NIOSH-approved N95 face mask is a Level 2 FFR verified by Project N95. Without ear straps and metal, this mask is ideal for everyday use as well as for use as an emergency N95 respirator.  This is the choice of anyone looking to feel SAFE! Are you looking for a mask that will prepare you for the next emergency or disaster? The N95 face mask stores flat, is comfortable and easy to apply with the protection of NIOSH-approved N95 filtration.  The Strapless N95 is the Safe choice, the comfortable choice, the BEST choice!

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Why this Strapless N95 Foldable Mask works

Not all masks are created equal. Here is what makes this one a necessity for you:

  • Nearly eliminates fogging of eyewear
  • No straps to develop painful pressure sores
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Electrostatic particle filtration provides >95% protection from harmful bio-aerosols
  • Does not interfere with daily activities and provides a comfortable protection alternative to cumbersome masks and protective gear
  • Provides a comfortable protection alternative to cumbersome masks and protective gear
  • Able to be lifted or repositioned to eat or drink
  • Cost-effective protection
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Sold in three different sizes small (masks for petite faces), large and extra-large (for those longer or round faces)
  • Sold in a pack of 50 or cases of 350(small & large sizes) & cases of 200(extra-large size)

Strapless N95 vs Standard N95

Strapless N95
Standard N95
Niosh Certified N95

Niosh Certified N95

Niosh Certified N95


No Metal

Metal Nose Piece


No Straps

Straps, tight and rigid


Soft, flexible design

Stiff, inflexible Design


Compact, stores flat -great option for emergency preparedness kit (prepper kit)

Bulky, contoured shape

PPE Compatibility

Works well with eyewear and hearing PPE, virtually fog-free

Impedes eyewear and hearing PPE


Medical-grade adhesive seal, gentle

Tight pressure seal required for efficacy

Easy to apply, comfortable to wear

Applying the mask is simple. Once applied, the gentle medical acrylic adhesive offers a firm, effective hold but is very breathable. You’ll know if the mask is not applied correctly if you feel air escaping from the perimeter. Just as any N95 mask, per CDC guidelines, if the mask loses its shape, is damaged, or becomes soiled, it must be replaced. Applying to a clean, shaven face will provide the ideal seal. Removal is easy – simply lift from the bottom and peel up slowly.

Easy application
Readimask women application

Step 1

Peel release liner

Readimask women application

Step 2

Position & Press

Readimask women application

Step 3

Seal the Sides

Readimask women application

Step 4

Seal the Bottom

The Strapless N95 mask is excellent for everyday use.

The most commonly used N95 NIOSH-approved respirator and face masks can cause foggy glasses, raw ears, trouble breathing, and painful pressure sores on the nose and cheeks. This N95 mask solves all those problems and makes it an ideal face mask for a comfortable fog-free experience every time you wear it. 

Its lightweight material with electrostatic particle filtration properties makes this very breathable and comfortable for all-day wear while protecting yourself from the daily hazards the world can send. If you are looking for everyday use, disaster relief, emergency preparedness, or even a face mask you can add to a prepper kit or emergency preparedness kit, look no further! The strapless N95 mask is for you so, don’t wait, add it to your emergency supply list today.

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