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Alliant Biotech™ is an orthopedic solutions provider offering knee implants and instruments backed by 20 years of research, fueled by a passion for improving patients’ lives, and centered on timeless fundamentals. Our agility and velocity deliver solutions driven by orthopedic surgeons, including new, life-changing biotechnology products.

Orthopedic Products Symmetric Knee

Symmetric Knee Implant Systems

The Symmetric Knee Systems feature a single radius femoral component, which is engineered to optimize polyethylene surface contact for enhanced stress distribution across the joint. Additionally, the systems incorporate two key innovations for long-term stability and implant integrity.

  1. The Micro Seal® technology, a unique locking mechanism, securely anchors the polyethylene liner to the tibial tray. This design minimizes micromotion and effectively seals out joint fluid, mitigating the risk of osteolysis around the screw interface.
  2. The tibial component benefits from an Arc-deposited Titanium (Ti) coating. This porous surface fosters robust bone in-growth and on-growth, ensuring firm fixation and reducing the potential for implant loosening.

Together, these advanced features are designed to minimize the likelihood of future osteolysis or inflammation, which supports long-term bone health and implant stability.

  • Symmetric Total Knee
  • Symmetric Uni-Knee 
  • Low-Profile Cable System 

Surgical Instruments

Designed for simplicity and with surgeon intuition, we provide orthopedic surgical instrumentation in ergonomic designs for efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

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The Only Strapless N95 Respirator

Comfort, breathability, and superior protection without painful straps or metal nosepieces. The ReadiMask is the only NIOSH-approved N95 respirator that uses a medical-grade acrylic adhesive to form a perfect seal without causing pressure sores. The ReadiMask does not contain metals, metallic fibers, antimicrobial coatings, or metallic nanoparticles, making it safe for MRI procedures.

Our company focus: we make lives better.

Alliant Healthcare Group comprises three business units, each working with the other in the same facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
We accelerate innovation through our nexus of strong healthcare market access in the government and medical device design, manufacturing, and distribution.

Delivers orthopedic solutions with a surgeon-driven approach, offering implants and biotechnology products grounded in two decades of research and patient care focus.

Comprehensive contract medical device manufacturing including Class 7 Cleanroom assembly, metal machining, and more, backed by our world-class quality management system.

Delivers medical devices to the government sector under SDVOSB, with broad reach across all VA and DoD facilities and offering OEMs direct government market access.