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We are Alliant Biotech, a Grand Rapids-based company. We combine innovation in biotechnology with our devotion to the highest quality standards for patient care.

Bob Taylor

“I started this company on the idea of “Culture First” believing that if we created an awesome culture and hired highly talented people we could accomplish anything with great success.

Our pillars are: Passion for our customer, Dedication to great leadership, Devotion to the best quality, Commitment to accountability, and Genuine concern for everyone.

It’s something worth aspiring towards.”

– Bob Taylor, CEO

Brian Kimble

Our top selling product is our strapless N95 masks. “I like to call this product the Next Level N95 Mask. It provides superior protection plus it is very breathable and comfortable, which makes it different than traditional N95 masks.

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– Brian Kimble, VP of Business Development

We are
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Let’s Learn More About Alliant Family of Companies 

Alliant Family of Companies is a multi-faceted company with 3 branches: Medisurge, Alliant Healthcare and, Alliant Biotech. Each branch plays a unique and fundamental role in bringing you the best solution, customized to your needs.

Alliant Biotech is our newest member of the Alliant Family of Companies.

With a focus on cutting-edge biotechnology, Alliant Biotech focuses on innovation, but still shares the same core values as its sister companies.

We deliver on high-quality manufacturing metrics and always remain focused on creating value for customers, partners, and patients in the medical device industry.

HQ Conference Room
Product Design

Medisurge is our manufacturing branch that handles all aspects of the design, development, and manufacturing process.

We can plug in at the very beginning or during any stage of a project. We focus on creating the devices needed, when they’re needed, at a cost that makes sense, and with the patient top of mind.

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Alliant Healthcare is one of the most respected and comprehensive SDVOSB’s in the United States. 

Our resources and expertise far exceed our “small business” designation. With a core focus on the federal market, Alliant Healthcare is not your average SDVOSB. Alliant employs an extensive team of government contracting experts, customer service representatives, field sales representatives, and many more talented individuals. With resources that surpass other SDVOSB’s, Alliant is able to make sure government purchases receive the care and attention they deserve.

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Healthcare Equipment
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