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Agility to deliver surgeon-guided innovations.

Alliant Biotech emerged in response to the growing necessity for inventive remedies to safeguard individuals against disease and infection. Alliant Biotech is a growing orthopedic solutions provider focusing on surgeon-guided innovation with near-natural agility in patient outcomes.

Direct Product Access with Commercial and Government Distribution

As a member of the Alliant Healthcare Group, Alliant Biotech has direct access to our manufacturing supply through Medisurge and government distribution through Alliant Healthcare Products (SDVOSB). Together, we leverage our manufacturing, distribution, and engineering teams to streamline the supply demands for our VA, DoD, and commercial hospital customers.

Our fearless visionary's humble beginning

Bob Taylor, a former Air Force Major, faced one of the most challenging transitions in his life after serving as a navigator and radar navigator in the B-52. Despite leaving behind a beloved Air Force career, he embraced the role of a family man while building a thriving professional life. With a sharp focus on the medical device industry, Bob has successfully established and sold five new companies.

Currently, he holds the esteemed positions of CEO, founder, and owner within the Alliant Healthcare Group, which includes Alliant Healthcare Products, Alliant Biotech, and Medisurge. Since 2002, Bob’s verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Alliant Healthcare Products, has been supplying healthcare products to every VA and DoD hospital worldwide.

“Our focus with Alliant Biotech is to be the resource for orthopedic surgeons to bring their new product innovations to life. We want to provide a faster path to product innovation to have a more profound, direct impact on the surgeon’s practice and maximize the positive outcomes for patients.” -Bob Taylor, CEO and Founder, Alliant Healthcare Group.

Bob Taylor CEO, founder, owner within the Alliant Healthcare Group

Our company focus: we make lives better.

Alliant Healthcare Group comprises three business units, each working with the other in the same facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
We accelerate innovation through our nexus of strong healthcare market access in the government and medical device design, manufacturing, and distribution.

Delivers orthopedic solutions with a surgeon-driven approach, offering implants and biotechnology products grounded in two decades of research and patient care focus.

Comprehensive contract medical device manufacturing including Class 7 Cleanroom assembly, metal machining, and more, backed by our world-class quality management system.

Delivers medical devices to the government sector under SDVOSB, with broad reach across all VA and DoD facilities and offering OEMs direct government market access.