ReadiMask Reviews & Endorsements: Users of the Only NIOSH-Approved Strapless N95

Endorsements Reviews Users of Only NIOSH-Approved Strapless N95 mask Covid-19 redimask
Overall, I found the respirator fit me well, and I had great success with the seal. This is the best fit I’ve experienced from the N95 filtering facepiece respirators I’ve tried. It fits better than my go-to respirators – the 3M Aura and the Honeywell DC365N95.
I am genuinely pleased to share my experience with Alliant Biotech's products. I discovered the ABT strapless mask, and it was love at first wear. I had previously spent quite a bit on various brands like 3Ms and KF94s in my quest for a better fit, but none of them quite lived up to my expectations. However, when I put on your strapless mask, it immediately felt like a game-changer. One feature that particularly stood out was being able to see each inhale and exhale, indicative of an almost perfect seal. I was amazed by how breathable the mask was, even when worn under a cloth mask. To my surprise, it's the most discreet N95 or elastomeric mask out there, in my opinion. I was equally impressed by the fact that they are reusable for up to 2-3 times, adding even more value.
The first time I wore it out, I was taken aback by the confidence and security it offered. I felt a level of elation I hadn't experienced in a while, especially during these Covid times where my husband and I have been very cautious. The sense of normalcy it brought was as though life could finally resume. I firmly believe your products have the potential to save lives, which makes me more than happy to assist with marketing efforts. I also appreciate the promotional discount, the samples, and the professional outreach by your company. Visit for free samples of this incredible mask and see for yourself!
I was so skeptical of them, but I definitely see a bunch of potential upsides such as being able to actually seal it all the way around and not dealing with straps/the pressure from them - this can particularly an issue for people with certain hair types.
I have been wearing these masks since Covid started they are so comfortable breathable and the best part is they have no straps to hurt your ears I will continue to buy these as long as we are needing them.
These are very comfortable to wear. No straps to pull on your ears. The best part is that my glasses don't fog up. The bright yellow draws attention and occasional snide duck comment. So I would rather have them in gray, navy blue, black, beige, brown, or any more neutral color. Being that they are comfortable and I keep my glasses on with a NIOSH approved mask, I'll accept the yellow version. However I hope the gray versions are available soon. Make sure to watch the video on how to put them on and you'll be very happy.
The Strapless N95 mask has transformed my dental practice. My team and I can now work for hours without discomfort, and the easy repositioning feature lets us take breaks to eat or drink without having to fully remove our masks. This is truly an innovative product that has enhanced our work environment.
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Emily R.
Dental Hygienist
I REALLY like these masks! They are more comfortable than any mask I've used. Fogging on my glasses is a thing of the past. They don't make me feel hot, and I can breathe much more easily in them. They stay in place perfectly, and I can use each mask several times, if I pay attention to how I store it after taking it off. I usually have a problem with masks staying in place when talking; not with these. AND they are N95!!! I have worn them for 8 or more hours at a stretch, without any discomfort. I could wish they were not yellow, but that is minor. I feel so much safer with these, and feel more confident that others are safe from me.
Yeah, I think this actually has potential to be an easier to seal than usual design despite my initial skepticism. As long as the instructions are followed properly. Because it's literally sealing to the face. While some tweaking could help, this is actually a game changing design. I ordered a sampler and it was super easy since they take Gpay. It took only a few seconds.”
We love these masks! The adhesive seals the mask which makes us feel well protected. We don’t want to catch Covid so we never leave home without them. You can simply wear a loose lightweight fabric mask over the top if you don’t like the look of the adhesive mask; the strapless mask will give you the protection.