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Alliant Biotech Unveils Licensing Agreement for Use of “ReadiMask®” Brand and Expands Distribution to Canada

Alliant biotech readimask

Transforming Personal Protection with the ReadiMask N95 Collaboration:

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – August 1, 2023 – Alliant Biotech, LLC, a subsidiary of Alliant Enterprises, LLC, is excited to announce it has entered into an official licensing agreement with Global Safety First, LLC, the creator and owner of “ReadiMask®”, the adhesive sealing N95 face mask.

This licensing agreement expands the scope of Alliant Biotech’s relationship with Global Safety First beyond its prior role as an authorized distributor of Global Safety First’s strapless N95 product.

With this agreement, Alliant Biotech now has the right to use the “ReadiMask®” brand name. “We believe that rebranding the strapless N95 product as “ReadiMask®” will simplify product identification for users and strengthen the product’s position in the market,” said Bob Taylor, Alliant Enterprises and Alliant Biotech Founder and CEO. “The ReadiMask® brand has established a reputation as a leader in mask innovation. Our ability to utilize the brand gives greater visibility to the product and clout in the United States and Canadian markets.”

In another significant development, Alliant Biotech recently gained authorization to distribute the ReadiMask® into Canada. “We have received numerous inquiries from potential customers in Canada, and we are pleased to announce that we are fully equipped to meet the demand,” Taylor added.

The ReadiMask® is a novel, NIOSH-approved N95 respirator with no straps or metal nose clip. It’s designed to be used in environments where an N95 is recommended, including but not limited to healthcare, MRI environments, construction, aging care, salons, dentistry, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, laboratories, and emergency first responders.  


About Alliant Biotech 

Alliant Biotech, LLC, a small business and subsidiary of Alliant Enterprises, LLC, is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based biotechnological product incubator and distributor. As part of the Alliant Enterprises family of companies, Alliant Biotech is dedicated to bringing innovative health solutions to the global market. 

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