A comfortable Alternative to Standard N95 Masks

Compliant: NIOSH Certified N95

Comfortable: No straps, no painful metal nose piece

Strapless N95 Mask
N95 Mask

Why this N95 Mask? Comfortable Design.

  • Breathable
  • No more painful straps
  • Comfortable, gentle seal
  • No metal piece, no bruising on the nose and face
  • No more cuts on the ears from elastic bands
  • No more headaches from tight, rigid straps
  • Virtually fog-free when wearing glasses or safety gear

Protection You Can Trust

  • NIOSH Certified
  • 95% filtration of 0.3 micron particles
  • Multi-layered acrylic
  • Gentle medical-grade adhesive
N95 Mask

Easy Application

Step 1: Peel release liner.

Step 2: Position and press.

Step 3: Seal the sides.

Step 4: Seal the bottom.

A Difference You Can Feel

Strapless N95
Standard N95

Niosh Certified N95

Niosh Certified N95

No Metal

Metal Nose Piece

No Straps

Straps, tight and rigid

Soft, flexible design

Stiff, inflexible Design

Compact, stores fat

Bulky, contoured shape

Works well with eyewear and hearing PPE, virtually fog-free

Impedes eyewear and hearing PPE

Medical-grade adhesive seal, gentle

Tight pressure seal required for efficacy

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